Human loves beauty, gets attracted towards it whereas he ignores the unattractiveness. Don’t you do the same?

So, have you ever thought what the definitions of beautiful and ugly are, what are the reasons of attraction and distraction! Did it ever happen to you that you started hating the people you love all of a sudden or you started loving a person you hated? What can be the reason behind this!

The reason is perception and viewpoint for someone. Because beauty is in your heart, in your thinking, in your approach of looking things…..that is why someone finds the Lotus grown in mud beautiful whereas someone even locates a stain in the serene Moon.

If you really want to feel beauty and stay happy in all moments then make your good point of view and approach towards things, then everything around will become beautiful by itself.

Everyone wants to achieve something in their life and many times it happens that you are not able to achieve it. So, before starting to achieve you should know why we fail.

Reason of failure

When a human is born, desire takes place in human heart.First the desire to live, then to love…

Every person coming to this world is devoid of ethos or Sanskaars (Sanskaar means multiplication of values and reduction of personality defects). He does not have any good or bad Sanskaar at the time of birth.

So, how do these Sanskaars , good or bad qualities, flaws become a part…

Failure… a word form which most of the people are afraid of. Most of the people try to avoid it. Most People see it as an embarrassment, self doubt, lack of knowledge and because of these, many people tend to bend towards the let go mindset. Most people have determined…

Uday Agarwal

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