My internship experience working in a startup

It all started with a past dot which I am able to connect now. How I got a passion to work for a startup? How I started to achieve my dream? and the last How I made my dream into a reality. From my teenage life, i have a passion of building new things, and back then I have started many side project but wasn’t able to succeed. I learned how to code, how to design a website, and many other things by myself and that is when I thought I should work in a startup to gain some professional experience and build my portfolio.

Where I interned?

I was intern in a company named voxup. Voxup is a perfect company to build my portfolio and to build connection with other great startup founders.

Every startup starts with a problem and about 42% of the startups fail because they don’t have the market need. If any one could solve this problem then the success rate of startup will improve significantly.

Voxup is a platform where problem facers can post their problems and the problem solvers(Entrepreneurs) can came and solve the problem for which they are really passionate about to build their next startup.

What I did?

I was good at web development but my main field was a backend engineer, and also from start I liked how backend engineers make the code run faster. Being a startup intern I had to handle many things but my main work at the company was to handle backend part.

I coded for the following backend part in the company:


As the days were passing, I was able to see my improvement at coding. I have made good industry connections and with other startup founders.

So, my overall experience was good and helped me to improve myself exponentially.